One thing we know by now is that the speed of your website matters. But what exactly does that mean? How much does it matter? How do you know if your site is slow. Well here at Elite Web Services, we have answers to these questions. But first, how do we come to our conclusion? Its simple, we test our theories. I know that seems strange in a world where we are just supposed to believe whatever we read. But we find it best to research from a variety of sources, then craft an experiment, test, evaluate results, rinse and repeat.

Why Does Page Speed Matter

There is a simple answer to this. So the next time, someone is babbling on about site speed being part of Google’s ranking algorithm, rudely interupt them and tell them to silence their mouth, because you already know the answer. You read it here. Ok here it is. Google alots for a certain amount of time when the crawlers crawl and index a site. Therefore, the more pages they can crawl in a sitting the better it reflects on your site. But wait there’s more. User experience is also a very important, because websites that take to long to load have high bounce rates. People do not want to wait for a web page to load, so if it takes to long they go somewhere else.

The Experiment

We have not written a complete case study on this yet, but we will very soon. We had a client come to us that had tried other SEO services, but they could not seem to rank above the fourth page in the search results. They had worked with two previous SEO companies and neither delivered any real results. So, after analyzing the site we determined that the biggest blocker was the poor site speed. So we optimized their website and sped up the site speed from 7 seconds to an average of 1.2 seconds. The results were pretty amazing. After only a few weeks the site had moved to the top of the second page in the search results. This was great news! Our client was thrilled. But of course, noone likes the second page, so next we put together a strategy to get to the first page, where our client lives ever after. This story has a happy ending and a happy client.


Page speed matters. At Elite Web Services, we love all pages equally. As a whole, we know that fast pages, means a fast web site. We also know what it takes to get your website to rank at the top of the search engines. Contact us today for a free consultation.