At Elite Web Services, we have run into countless small business that have done more damage than good by building their company website themselves. For small businesses and startups it is tempting to try to save money by doing everything yourself like build a website, do your own SEO and build an advertising campaign by yourself. While it is true that doing these three things will save you a few thousand dollars up front, it will likely cost you more in the long run.

We have run into this consistently over the past 10 years and it is always tough to let a hard working business owner know that they are currently wasting a lot of money. At Elite Web Services, we know the value of building a pretty website, but what sets us apart from our competition is the fact that we build beautiful, professional websites with a purpose. We build it to rank in the search engines and generate leads and revenue for our clients. Otherwise, why have a website for your business?
Non experienced SEOs and online marketers are notorious for wasting money on advertising in search engines. Almost every existing Pay Per Click campaign that we evaluate for our clients, have several obvious errors that are costing businesses thousands of dollars each month.

So before you make the mistake of doing your online marketing yourself, please give us a call. We are dedicated to generating leads for our clients and have excellent pricing.