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Our Client Was Not Getting Results From Their Previous SEO Company

Our client was referred to us by another client of ours. They were completely frustrated with the money they were spending each month on their SEO because they were not getting any results.  This is a common theme in the SEO industry.  Their website was not setup well which was costing them rankings and money. We see this all the time by amateur online marketing companies that do not know the technical areas of a website that need to be addressed. We see this all the time. That is why we decided to do something about it and started our company in the first place.

Technical Setup Problems

This site had several technical issues that were giving poor quality signals to Google. The site had a great design but it was slow, the images were way too big and not scaled properly, the content needed some refreshing, the backlink profile was poor and in need of some help. These are only a few problems that were holding the site back. After our optimization the site rankings rocketed and started ranking organically.

The Results

We coupled the organic SEO with a strong pay per click campaign and after a few months of work the owner texted us and told us they were booked out 6 months, had several large projects and needed to scale down the leads to catch up. That is a great problem to have. We enjoy getting these calls, it lets us know we have done our job. This is what happens when you hire an online marketing company that has a specializes in generating leads for their customers, and turning those leads into revenue.


Keyword Rankings

We took this site from no where on the map to several first page rankings in just over four weeks.


Too Many Leads

A few months into our work, they were booked out six months and had to scaled down their leads.


Traffic Increase Year Over Year

One year after our initial optimization the website traffic has increased by 195%.


Page Speed Increase

We improved the average page speed 68% after our website optimization.

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