Dog Walking Company

Dog Walking Company

The Client Was Frustrated With Their SEO Company

Our client contacted us and expressed their frustration with their former SEO company. They were overpaying and not getting results. This is a common theme in the SEO industry.  The site was a catastrophe. Their previous “SEO” missed so many issues that should have been taken care of when they were hired. Unfortunately we see this a lot, with so many people that claim to be experts in SEO it is tough to distinguish the companies that actually know what they’re doing.

Technical Setup Problems

This site had so many technical issues it was holding itself back. The previous SEO company missed a lot of basic optimizations. The page titles were too long and not well optimized, their were hardly any alt tags, images were way to big and needed to be shrunk to improve speed, there were also several coding errors on the backend. This only names a few. But we were able to fix all the issues that were holding the site back.

Our Results

Shortly after our optimization we started seeing results. Before we optimized the site, it did not rank in Google at all. We were able to get the site ranking for over 200 top keyword rankings in a couple of short months. We strategically placed them at the top of the search engines throughout several key areas in the city. Our client could not be happier and neither could we. The only issue was our organic SEO worked so well this client did not need us to help them with a Pay Per Click campaign.

We did what we do best, build and rebuild websites for the purpose of generating leads for our customers, and turning those leads into revenue.



Keyword Rankings

We took this site from no where on the map to several first page rankings in just over one month.


Organic Traffic Increase

Just one month after optimization organic traffic increased by 68%.


Organic Traffic Increase

We increase their organic traffic by 132% by the third month after optimization.


Increase Year Over Year

One year after our initial optimization traffic has increased by 76%.

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