Mudjacking Company

Mudjacking Company

New Business Needed Leads On A Small Budget

Our client opened a new business and needed a website that generated leads. They had a tight budget as they were brand new. We developed a game plan then got to work. We designed and developed a website for them and knocked it out of the park. Only a few months in and they had an average of 106 leads per month on a $300 a month budget.

Our Lead Generation

Only three months in to their online marketing campaign, we brought in 106 leads, a combination of 68 web form submissions and 38 phone calls. Our client paid us $300 dollars to produce these leads. Let’s dive a little deeper into the numbers. At 106 leads, our client’s average sale is $2,500. On average they close one in every three appointments. That is a gross revenue of  $88,333 for the month. Those are amazing results for a $300 investment. Needless to say they got their money’s worth.

Our Results

We monitor everything so that we can show our clients where their marketing money goes. Shortly after our optimization we started seeing results. Organically the site was ranking in several cities for several different keywords. The majority of traffic came in from organic searches as well as a pay per click campaign. We love to see our clients thrive and get so busy that they call us and need to scale down the leads for a while. That’s when we know we’ve done our job well.


Total Leads in One Month

Our client was a startup company that needed a lot of leads on a small budget. We jump started their company with 106 leads in their third month of business.


Monthly Phone Calls

We brought in 38 phone calls in the third month of our online marketing campaign and our client had to call us to try to throttle the leads down.


Monthly Web Form Submissions

We track everything from time on the website and traffic sources to conversions. We always keep a close eye on webform submissions and phone calls.


Monthly Budget

This brand new startup company needed as many leads as possible to build their business. We were able to deliver even though their budget was only $300 per month.

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